About US

By Fatma Ben Soltane

Soltana is a Tunisian luxury ready-to-wear brand that erases boundaries for women with its sophisticated fabrics and designs combined with the most refined embroidery.

Soltana is not just a style. It is a state of mind: a strong, powerful, confident, independent, and well-cultured woman.

She is Universal. We are stylish but not pretentious.

We are sophisticated but not flippant.

We talk simply and positively, always inspiring women.

Our client is every bold woman who embraces her femininity but is still daring.

She is looking for originality and beauty at the same time and she wants to feel confident and exclusive.

Any woman who wears Soltana likes feminine clothes with a touch of street style and we aim to empower these women by making them feel elegantly stylish and unique.

“Soltana Couture”

About us

Fatma Ben Soltane

Fatma Ben Soltane has been passionate about fashion since her childhood.

Despite her financial academic background, she was driven by her artistic vision and creative soul to launch her own ready-to-wear brand.

With steady steps, she converted her passion into an inspiring business.

I learned design by myself.

I was making my dresses when people started asking me where they could get them.

So I decided to turn my passion into a business.

Through her designs, Fatma Ben Soltane aims to make every woman feel like a modern Soltana.